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Renowned for her expertise as a genealogist, historian, and biographer, Ms. Lambert secured her place in history with her inaugural book—a feat lauded by Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Levering Lewis, esteemed historian Charles Patterson, and Harpers Ferry Historical National Park.


About The Author

Anita Hackley Lambert

She stands unrivaled as the familial authority, penning insightful biographies of F.H.M. Murray and Barry A. Murray, both visionary businessmen and lifelong civil rights champions. She lives with her husband in the picturesque Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. Her literary journey continues as she will add two more captivating biographies and an impressive quartet of nonfiction gems to her literary legacy.


Anita Hackley Lambert, a luminary in genealogy, history, biography, and life stories, seamlessly integrates these roles into a compelling mission that transcends the ordinary. Her purpose is an inevitable alignment with destiny, revolving around unveiling the veiled legacies and obscured secrets of African American unsung heroes, be it familial or adversarial.

In her unconventional approach to biographies, Lambert solemnly vows to “make history by recording history one book at a time.” This declaration underscores her role not just as a chronicler but as a guardian of untold narratives, amplifying voices overlooked by mainstream history.

Lambert employs genealogy as a pivotal tool, intricately tracing ancestral lines to unearth stories consigned to the shadows of obscurity. Her historical gaze is active, fostering connections across generations. As a historian, she transcends mere documentation, breathing life into forgotten tales and ensuring the enduring vibrancy of the African American historical agenda.


As a biographer, Ms. Lambert’s primary vision radiates as beacons of dedication to causes larger than herself. Her divine calling propels her to chart unexplored territories, unearthing the buried treasures of history, and immortalizing the often-neglected contributions of African American history makers. Each meticulously crafted book becomes a testament to her indelible mark on the literary landscape, contributing to the collective memory of a community and a nation. Through her divine gifts, Lambert transforms into not just a chronicler but a custodian of the past, ensuring that the unsung heroes of African American history rightfully claim their place in American history.


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