Paperback – Echoes of a Voice for Justice

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“Echoes of a Voice for Justice…,” Barry A. Murray, an African American crusader and trailblazer for civil rights. A must read, obscured black history–obscure not more!

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Experience the extraordinary life of Barry Antonio Murray, an unwavering champion for the progressive Black movement of the post-Reconstruction era. Ms. Lambert masterfully tells the riveting tale of this unsung civil rights activist, influential publisher, and uncompromising editor in this historic biography.
Uncovering a 50-year-old family secret, Ms. Lambert’s captivating narrative begins at her book’s debut, where chance encounters forever altered her life. Delve into Barry Murray’s legacy, his ties to F.H.M. Murray, a civil rights trailblazer and the great-grandfather he never knew—yet, walked in his shoes. Readers gain insights into the nation’s racial divide and witness the heart-wrenching conclusion and his questionable sudden death. This captivating biography sheds light on Barry’s remarkable journey, celebrating his unwavering activism, pursuit of justice, and empowerment of the community. This saga intertwines history, personal struggles, and family secrets, leaving an indelible mark on readers, showcasing the indomitable spirit of one man’s triumphs and divine destiny.

“Barry was one of those Black people who was loyal to his belief in the need to sacrifice for full Black freedom. People like him often make great sacrifices but do not benefit from their sacrifices. He never got rewarded by the community for his service to the community – most never do. If we all lived as Barry did we would be free.” — Wayne Young, Editor of Port of Harlem Magazine


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